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Version 2023.4.14

  • get_table_names_and_info is now ordered according to table_name.

Version 2023.4.12

  • get_table_names_and_nrow is now changed to get_table_names_and_info and also includes size_total_gb, size_data_gb, size_index_gb.
  • info is now included as a method for DBTable_v9

Version 2023.4.4

  • confirm_indexes is now added to DBTable_v9, which confirms that the names and number of indexes in the database are the same as in the R code. It does not confirm the contents of the indexes!
  • nrow is now added to DBTable_v9, which is an application of the new get_table_names_and_nrow function.
  • get_table_names_and_nrow added as an exported function, that will get all the table names and the nrows from a dbconnection.

Version 2023.4.2

  • create_table now automatically adds the indexes.

Version 2023.3.31

  • Removing info messages from drop_rows_where.

Version 2023.3.8

  • connect() in DBConnection_v9 is smarter, more robust with error checking and making fewer useless calls to the db. Tries to connect twice now before throwing an error.
  • autoconnection is now more robust in DBConnection_v9.

Version 2023.2.17

  • Package is created.