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plnr 2022.6.8

CRAN release: 2022-06-09

  • plan$set_use_foreach public method created

plnr 2022.6.7

  • CRAN submission
  • Additional documentation
  • Moving some plan public fields into private

plnr 2022.5.27

  • Including new vignette explaining how to add analyses to a plan.

plnr 2022.4.6

  • Inclusion of hash functions in get_data.

plnr 2021.6.9

  • Inclusion of easy_split.

plnr 2020.5.11

  • fn_name can now take package::function_name arguments.

plnr 2020.5.4

  • is_run_directly function created, allowing the user to see if their code is being run directly or from within a function.

plnr 2020.4.3

  • set_opts function created, allowing for force_verbose to be set package wide.

plnr 2020.2.20

  • create_rmarkdown skeleton created.

plnr 2020.1.28

  • parallel_possible variable when initializing new Plan.