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Version 2023.6.22

  • First inclusion of signal_detection_hlm.

Version 2023.5.23

  • Updating to be in line with the latest cstidy version.

Version 2022.5.6

  • short_term_trend now allows for vectorized prX and statistics_naming_prefix.

Version 2022.4.22

  • short_term_trend now allows for granularity_time==‘isoweek’ and denominators.

Version 2022.4.21

  • short_term_trend created to allow for easy estimation of short-term trends (increasing/decreasing/null), doubling time in days, and short-term forecasting with prediction intervals.
  • prediction_interval created to allow for easy estimation of prediction intervals after fitting glms (family = poisson and quasipoisson) based on Farrington 1996.

Version 2022.4.10

  • Package is created